Sunday, March 08, 2015

Baby Cami: Frankfort family photography

Loved seeing this family again this morning. Our sessions are always filled with humor and fun.  An added bonus is watching this sweet little gal grow!  I was there for her gender reveal and again for her newborn and now she is three months beautiful!  Thank you so much for inviting me to capture her life in pictures.

No baby blog post is complete without baby toes...

And I LOVE this one in black and white too....but my blog loves it in sepia tone today (not sure why or how to fix!)

Thursday, March 05, 2015

In-Home Documentary Sessions: Frankfort family photography

I love photographing families.  Out of all the types of sessions that I do, I think family photos are my hands-down favorite.  I love kids; they are my passion . And being able to capture them with the people that love them, the people that think they hung the see that?  Nothing is better.  Well, nothing except capturing all those amazing relationships in the place where your family is most comfortable.  Your home.  

When a family invites me to do an in-home documentary session, I feel like I have been granted the greatest privilege.  A peek into your daily lives.  A look at your family in a setting where few others see you, where you are most comfortable; at home.  

Now I know family life and your house (and your housecleaning) aren't perfect. And they don't have to be!  They just have to be you.

When my kids were little, I had formal family photos taken 5 or 6 times by other photographers.  And I liked those pictures.  I truly did.  I even printed and framed some of them for our walls.  But the photos that mean the most to me aren't among those.  My kids are almost grown now...15 and 19.  And the photos that are forever in my heart aren't the formal, planned, "let's all pick out a nice outfit" photos.  It's the picture of Chloe at Christmas when she got make-up and jewelry and put the blue lipstick, the really, really pink blush and lots of colors of eye shadow on with ALL the jewelry she got.  And a snapshot of Elijah running through the sprinklers in our backyard; white as a ghost in mid-July and skinny as a stick...but full of joy.  The moments that bring tears to my eyes and make me want to turn back time are those day-to-day moments when they were silly, crabby, wild, energetic and little.  Those are the moments I want to capture for you.

 And getting ready for an in-home documentary session is the easiest thing ever!  Just wake up in the morning and do what you normally do.  Get the kids dressed and feed them breakfast.  Play and do chores.  Laugh, argue, spend time together and alone.  And I'll be there to capture it.  Every sweet, funny, frustrating, REAL moment of it.

Documentary sessions can capture any part of your day that you'd like.  Morning routine, playtime, nap time, bedtime routine...there is no part of your day that isn't suited to this type of session.  No need to fuss over clothing--let them wear what they want!  Bedhead?  No worries?  I'll be there to watch you tame it.  

Documentary sessions start at $150 for 2 hours coverage, but can be extended to include as much time as you'd like  Each additional hour is $50.  And you get all the edited photos from your session on disk, included in your session fee.  From most sessions there will be 40-60 images.  Most technically perfect and hand edited.  But I also like to include just a few of those technically imperfect, perfect moments.  Those times when the camera wasn't quite ready, but the moment was real and priceless.  

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

My Gorgeous Nieces!: WV family photographer

Baby R: Lawrenceburg baby photography

This little one is the new addition for my new school teammate.  I was lucky to photograph her older son when he joined their family and it is exciting to see him become a big brother! 

Baby boy: Frankfort family photography

I was blessed by being present at this little man's birth..a first for me!  And such a blessing.   

Baby P: Frankfort newborn photography

These beautiful little ladies are the daughter of a super sweet momma who used to be my coworker and both my children's third grade teacher.  She is revered in my home!  It is a joy to see her growing her family and to be there to photograph them as they grow.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Baby R: Frankfort newborn photography

It was wonderful to visit with the Russell family again as they welcome their third blessing.  I've known momma since she was 8 and I babysat her twin brothers.  It is amazing to me (and somewhat aging!) to be photographing the children of people I have known since they were children themselves.  What a blessing to witness a sweet little girl grown into a beautiful, kind mom to these three little cuties.  Big brother in this family was so gentle and caring with new baby sister.  It was heartwarming to watch.  Thank you for welcoming me into your home to capture this special time.

To view the full gallery for this session just click on the link below.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Keeneland and sunset {Lexington family photography}

I am loving these images from an evening session at Keeneland.  Such warm yummy light; these barely needed an edit.  It could be because these two are just cute and sweet and wonderful to photograph...  THANKS for a great session.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

COLD weekend photography!

Lots of great sessions this weekend!  But I'll have to say IT WAS COLD!  About 35 and super biting wind during the Saturday sessions.  My fingers were freezing!  All my clients this weekend were awesome though.  I enjoyed meeting you all.  I hope you enjoy your preview images.  I'll be working on your galleries when I return from Colorado.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Sunshine and warmth...{Frankfort family photographer}

Wished I'd known that last weekend was the last weekend of sunshine and warmth for a while!  I would have savored it a little bit more.  This weekend is COLD!  Luckily it was beautiful last weekend for this family session with the Bevington family.  Thanks for taking a wonderful --if a little bit wet-- walk with me on a Sunday morning.

You can view their full gallery here: